La Pedrera seaside resort in Uruguay
Cathay boat remains in La Pedrera
Beaches of La Pedrera, Uruguay
Rocks of La Pedrera

An exclusive seaside resort La Pedrera

La Pedrera, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean lies to the east of Uruguay in the state of Rocha. The name of the seaside resort refers to its ancient rock formations by the sea.

The noise and lights here seem to disappear and are replaced by the sounds of the sea and the reflection of the Southern Cross constellation.

The main street of La Pedrera leading to a high cliff from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea, mainly during the afternoon and at night turns into a large pedestrian which merges the bohemian with the chic in a curious way in an atmosphere of cool and fun.

For several years, the famous carnival of La Pedrera has become a summer classic, where the main street get full of colour, music, costumes and its partygoers dance until sunrise. Some take these days as the summer farewell until next year.

Beaches surrounding La Pedrera

El Desplayado beach

The northern beach of La Pedrera and the closest to our resort, is a great curve that separates Cabo Polonio of La Pedrera, wide coastline of over 30 kilometers which begins a block away from Terrazas de La Pedrera Appart Hotel. This beach is considered the most suitable for the enjoyment of families with children, as in "Del Barco" beach is where the youth and surfers are often concentrated.

"El Desplayado", with fine white sand, has a rocky part in its beginning and extends in an open ocean beach. During clear nights you can appreciate from our balconies the light of Cabo Polonio lighthouse that flashes every 12 seconds to La Pedrera.

Del Barco beach

"Del Barco" beach, where the remains of the shipwreck of Cathay VIII lies since 1977 from which it gets its name, is popular among surfers for its great waves that make it ideal for this sport. Given these conditions, there are at the beach, two watchtower where lifeguards watch the tourists.